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Denys WheatleyIFCB
Sergei SolodovnikovInternational Graduate School of Business and Management of Technology, Belarusian State University
Jack ParkInternational Learning Consortium
Scott GramsUrban and Regional Information Systems Association (URISA)
DK SahuJournal of Postgraduate Medicine
Journal of Postgraduate MedicineIndia
Bernt LindtjornCentre for International Health, University of Bergen
Liliana MarcautanUniversite Libre International de Moldova
Journal of Neurological Sciences [Turkish]Turkey
Vesna Djukic DojcinovicFaculty of Dramatic Arts
Timofei KononenkoEngineering
Luke JohnsonCornell University Engineering Library
Mridula GhoshInternational Renaissance Foundation
Makhtuba KadirovaInstitute of Nuclear Physics
Iryna KuchmaInternational Renaissance Foundation
Sam VakninUnited Press International - UPI
Medicina (journal)Lithuania
P.H. PinterInternational Studios
Martha PollackUniversity of Michigan
Cancer Cell InternationalUnited Kingdom
Ernesto Herrera LegorretaMetatada SA
Eric RissNatural Psychotherapy International
Olesya ArkhypskaInternational Renaissance Foundation
Ling PerreletGraduate Institue of International Studies
HYLE: International Journal for Philosophy of ChemistryGermany
Daniel PrattHDR Engineering, Inc.
Francois OberholzerForest Engineering Southern Africa
Ernest RukangiraConserve Africa International
Conserve Africa InternationalUnited Kingdom
International Journal of Education & the ArtsUnited States
Mel DeSartUniversity of Washington
Zeineb GuéhissCentre International des Technologies de l’Environnement de Tunis
Christian ColussiInternational Labour Organization
Psycoloquy (open access journal)United Kingdom
Karen WilliamsUniversity of Arizona Library
Sriram NatrajanInternational Labour Office
Henry HagedornUniversity of Arizona
Andrei MelvilleMoscow State Institute of International Relations
Martha PollackUniversity of Michigan and Executive Editor, Journal of AI Research
International Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication
Mike SostericInternational Consortium for the Advancement of Academic Publication
Leslie ChanBioline International
Sidnei de Souza Bioline International
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