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Open Access Projects supported by the OSI Information Program as of April 2005


  1. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ), Phases I & II, $145,970
  2. Directory of Open Access Repositories (DOAR), $140,000
  3. LOCKSS/Stellenbosch University - a pilot project to adapt the LOCKSS software to support access to open access journals in countries w/low bandwidth, $71,018
  4. ACIS (Academic Contributor Information System) - will create a relational dataset between authors and their publications and institutions which will assist in building awareness of the benefits of institutional repositories, $50,000


  1. Guide to Business Planning for Converting a Subscription-based Journal to Open Access, $48,578
  2. Guide to Launching a New Open Access Journal, $48,579
  3. Guide to Institutional Repository Software, $19,823
  4. EPrints users' manual, $7,374


  1. Grants to Public Knowledge to support advocacy and education promoting the growth of open access. Includes funding for Peter Suber 's work on open access, $177,000
  2. Grant to SPARC to support advocacy and education promoting the growth of open access, $28,000
  3. Grants to King's College to work w/European funding agencies, libraries and publishers to promote OA, $96,000
  4. Free Online Scholarship Newsletter, written by Peter Suber, October 2001-August 2002, $35,000


  1. Economic Research - Access to Science: Exploring New Markets for Digital Journals - Professors Mark McCabe and Chris Snyder, $111,911
  2. JISC/OSI author survey to determine authors' experiences publishing in OA journals, $10,000
  3. Legal research on the status of government-funded works, $70,359

Support of international conferences to spread awareness of OA:

  1. Budapest Open Access Initiative Meeting, Budapest, 1-2 December 2001, $13,260
  2. ALPSP/OSI workshop to introduce OA to ALPSP publishers, London, 13 September 2002, $4,492
  3. OAI2 workshop, CERN, October 2002, $5,163
  4. Meeting to introduce OA to the Academies of Sciences of Central & Eastern Europe, and the fSU, Budapest, January 2003, $56,377
  5. Electronic Thesis & Dissertations Conference, Berlin, May 2003, $15,000
  6. Open Access Session at 7th Annual Electronic Publishing Conference, Guimaraes, Portugal, June 2003, $8,382
  7. ALPSP/OSI/SPARC Second OA workshop, London, 15 September 2003, $1,200
  8. OA presentation at International Seminar on Collaborative Management of Electronic Resources, organized by eIFL, CSDL, & NSTL*, Beijing, China, October, 2003, $1,000
  9. eIFL/OSI OA workshop at National Library of Serbia, Belgrade, November, 2003, $1,200
  10. Electronic Thesis & Dissertation Conference, Chile, November 2003, $4,000
  11. OAI3 workshop, CERN, February 2004, $11,275
  12. M.S. Swaminiathan Research Foundation OA workshops, Chennai, India, May 2004, $6,500
  13. National Academy of Sciences OA workshop, Beijing, China, June 2004, $15,000
  14. OA session at LIBER Meeting, St. Petersburg, Russia, July 2004, $10,000
  15. Coalition of South African Library Consortia/OSI workshop on OA, Pretoria, South Africa, 29-30 July 2004, $28,500
  16. EuroScience Open Forum 2004, Science Without Borders, Stockholm, August 2004, $10,000
  17. Journal of Postgraduate Medicine Gold Conference, Mumbai, India, September 2004, $6,500
  18. Open Access session at eIFL General Assembly, Poznan, Poland, September 2004, $11,589
  19. Open Access Citation Index Working Group Meeting, Leiden, the Netherlands, September 2004, $3,348
  20. ALPSP/SSP Open Access Publishing Workshop, Washington, DC, November 2004, $5,486
  21. Support for 10 BioOne publishers to attend ALPSP/SSP Open Access Workshop, Washington, DC, November 2004, $3,990
  22. Open Access symposium at AAAS Annual Conference, February 2005, $4,400
  23. Open Access Scholarly Communications Workshop, Kiev, Ukraine, February 2005, $5,000
  24. Additional support for consultants and sub-board members to participate in conferences, $30,445

Grants to support institutional repositories and open access journals:

  1. Pilot project to support authors from transition and developing countries to have their articles published in open access journals. 36 projects were supported in 2002, $120,826
  2. Grants to support authors from transition and developing countries to have their articles published in open access journals. 23 projects were supported in 2004 for a total of $62,123
  3. Institutional membership grants to BMC for 50 institutions in developing and transition countries. OSI has pledged $50,000
  4. Institutional membership grants to PLoS for 50 institutions in developing and transition countries. OSI has pledged $50,000
  5. Grant to support the creation of an institutional repository at the Academy of Sciences, Minsk, Belarus, $11,964

eIFL Open Access Developing Country Program:

eIFL will hold Open Access Workshops in developing and transition countries similar to those held in South Africa and Ukraine . In addition, this Program will provide assistance to selected institutions within the targeted countries to develop institutional repositories. In 2005, workshops will be held in Russia, China, Lithuania, Serbia and Slovenia, $150,000.

Total: $1,766,632

The OSI Information Program intends to spend $3 million on promoting open access, perhaps more; however, this may happen over more than the three year timeframe announced in early 2002, as we have realized that the transition to open access will require a longer time commitment.

* eIFL - electronic Information for Libraries; CSDL - Chinese National Science Digital Library Project; NSTL - National Science and Technology Library, China.

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